About us

GENFROCO SA is a dynamic and growing company that trades, processes, packages and distributes almost all kinds of fresh and frozen fish in central markets, supermarkets and retail stores in Greece and abroad. It was founded in 1985 by Aristos Pyliounis and Athanasios Pyliounis.


Our company is based in Aspropyrgos, inside the industrial zone of Athens, where we operate, a modern processing unit for fresh and frozen fish with a total area of 3500 sq.m2. We also operate 3 large wholesale stores at the Fish Market of Keratsini where we supply with all kind of fresh fish to retail stores, street & local markets, restaurants, hotels and more. We employ more than 50 persons and we are a Greek private owned enterprise who earnestly gained a large share of the market.

New Products

Over recent years, the company has been producing and marketing a large variety of high standard products, of a distinct taste and superior quality, in individual packaging, using new methods  in vacuum (VACUM) or modified atmosphere (MAP). The modified atmosphere shapes the environment of the food packaging to extend its life without the use of chemicals and stabilizers.

Guaranteed Quality

The company packages, stores and distributes, its products under ISO 22000:2005 (Food safety management). The necessity of transferring information from the fisherman to the consumer as well as the daily increasing demand, led Genfroco s.a to synchronize its systems in order to be able to meet the requirements as defined by ISO 12875: 2011 (Traceability of finfish product) in combination with the information management standards as defined by ISO 17367: 2013 (supply chain applications Of rfid – Product tagging) which is an innovation for the Greek market in fish transportation.

International presence – Sales Network

Our partners are the largest food companies. Supermarket chains, wholesale companies throughout Greece and abroad, retail stores and HO.RE.CA.